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Sliding & Stacking Windows

Sliding and stacking windows create a feeling of space and light, and because they often provide more access to open-air than other conventional windows, they also provide increased ventilation. Sliding windows have the added benefit of not protruding beyond the building, so work well when space is at a premium. When used between a kitchen and outside area, sliding windows are the ideal solution for sociable entertaining. Vertical (double hung) sliding windows offer a traditional look, making them perfect for traditional style villas.

Configuration Options: 
Sliding & Stacking Windows Configirations

Ideal for

Added Safety as they have no protruding edges mean they are a safe option for rooms overlooking outside living areas.


Connecting SpacesA sliding window between your kitchen and outside living area makes entertaining easy and sociable.

Offering the traditional look , making them perfect for a traditional-style villa.